I Am (Affirmation Poetry Challenge)

Positive affirmations are something I’ve really been getting into lately, just the whole law of attraction thing in general. Recently, I entered an affirmations challenge created by NiaTheLight on YouTube and Instagram. The challenge is called the #IAmXTheLight challenge.

You didn’t necessarily have to write a poem, all you had to do was create a post on YouTube, or instagram and share some positive affirmations. I chose to take it a step further by challenging myself to write an affirmations poem. I started writing it on January 22nd but because I’m doing so many other things as well I didn’t complete it until Saturday. It doesn’t matter how long it took, I’m really happy with the finished result. It’s beautiful and something I can read as a reminder to myself each day.

The voting process to pick the winner is happening right now as I type this blog post (5:14 PM on February 4th 2019)

I would love and truly appreciated if any of you could vote for my entry. All you have to do is go to NiaTheLight instagram account, and view the entries in her stories. Of course, don’t just vote for mine because I’m asking. Only if you truly like it or felt something by it. View all the posts and vote for the ones you think deserve it.

Here is my poem (I also made a full video to it on my YouTube channel) and a post to my instagram account MoonAllured.

I Am

I am more than the reflection in the mirror

I am more than just pretty pictures

I am beautiful with or without filter

I am more than the eye can see

I am beautiful and so many other amazing things

I am more than the voice you hear

the words I speak

or the words you read

I am more than me

I am strong

I am motivated

I am worthy

I am my own galaxy

I am not my past but my past has helped me grow

I am loving the present as a gift

I am the future and it shows

I’m more than my imagination

I’m what I speak into existence

I am inspiration

I am not perfect

Perfection is an illusion

I am not my hair

I am not this skin

I am not your expectations

like India arie said

I am the soul that lives within

Whether the moon or the stars your dreams are never too far.

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January Favorites 2019 (Stationery)

We’ve made it to the end of January and now beginning of February, there’s something to be thankful for… Knowing we’ve made it to another year and are getting through it the best we can.

For me January hasn’t been a great month or or bad one either. It’s mainly been a month of reflection, organizing ideas, and preparing and I can appreciate that.

Each month I plan on sharing my monthly favorites as a reminder that there’s always something to be thankful for, something to smile about, and something to love and enjoy even through hard times when they come. The monthly favorites I plan on sharing will mainly consist of stationery, photography, my favorite blogs and YouTube channels, music, occasional beauty, and anything else that I’ve loved or has inspired me.

For January I’m just going to be sharing a few stationery favorites here on the blog. If you’re interested in seeing my other January favorites be sure to check out my YouTube channel and latest video!

My January Favorites 2019

My first favorite is my 2019-2020 Happy Planner! I thought the design was perfect for my MoonAllured aesthetic so I had to grab this one! I do want to find a really cute pink one for SheLivesLove.

The inside pages are gorgeous as well and I love the inspirational quotes. I can’t wait to start filling everything in and share them with you.

Radiate positivity

My next stationery favorite for January are these three mini notebooks I picked up from Dollar Tree. Cute notebooks with amazing quotes for only $1 each? I’ll take three please!

The one that says “little but fierce” is my favorite. I feel like it describes me well lol. The last stationery item I’m sharing is also from Dollar Tree.

This mini kitten calendar is just adorable! If you know me you know I love cats so I had to get it! It was a set of two calendars one big and one small. Here’s a glimpse of January’s page:

My heart is warmed! What about yours?

What were some of your January favorites for 2019? Do you shop at Dollar Tree? Let me know in the comments!

Whether the moon or the stars your dreams are never too far.

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What’s The Best Way To Catch & KEEP Your Attention?

What’s the best way to catch & keep your attention?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I can improve my blog posts and YouTube videos. One of the best ways to do that is to improve how I’m catching your attention.

What made you open this blog post? You can be honest, I’d love to know.

On youtube, titles and thumbnails are what catch the viewers attention. After they click the video the intro determines whether or not they’ll keep watching, click away, or skip ahead. At least that’s what I’ve noticed when I’m watching a video, and while making my own videos. If the intro is too long I skip ahead or click away, especially if it has nothing to do with the title. I want to get to the main content. If it’s the same intro used each video, I often skip ahead as well because I’m already familiar with it and again, I want to get to the main content. Of course, there are some creators intros I love so much that I don’t skip, but I noticed there’s something about those specific intros. They’re catchy, and change up often. There’s always something new to see so why skip forward?

I’ll share two of my favorite YouTube creators intros and why I like them:

1.Nava Rose

In most of her intros, she has a specific theme song that literally says “this is my intro, this is my intro uh- click click reload.” Did I really just type that out? Yes, I really just typed that out…

Her intro uses the same theme song, but she uses different clips of what she’s sharing in the specific video.

This particular video was of a clothing haul.

2.Nick Nimmin

Each of nicks intros starts with him hooking the viewer by asking an engaging question or immediately telling them what they can expect, he also uses a catchy theme song and briefly shares what his channel is about and why you should stick around and subscribe all in the span of 10-20 seconds with the exception of him describing what his channel is about. Don’t worry his theme song isn’t anything for me to type out, but it’s a catchy instrumental lol.

His recent video How To Increase Audience Retention On YouTube also explains how to hook your viewers and keep their attention.

Both creators intros are short and to the point.

Bloggers can do this by making sure the first few sentences in your post catch your reader’s attention.

Instead of saying “Hey everyone, today I wanted to share some tips on how to catch your reader’s attention” how about asking a question instead?

Something as simple as ”How are you catching your viewers attention?” would grab attention a lot more.


You can also do the same with titles. Instead of titling a post ”Grabbing Your Readers Attention” or ”How To Hook Your Viewers” try ”5 Ways To Catch & Hook Your Viewers Attention” we love lists right? Lol.

Feature Image

With blogging, the featured image is like a YouTube Thumbnail. It’s the wrapping paper to the gift inside so make it look nice. It doesn’t have to be fancy and absolutely perfect, but you wouldn’t wrap a gift in a garbage bag or toilet paper would you? Who would be excited to open that?


Another way to catch and hook attention is to be a good storyteller and have your video lead up to a solution. Also mentioned in Nick Nimmins video!

So, how are you hooking your viewers? What can you do to improve? Are there any ways that I didn’t include in this blog post that you would like to share? Let’s have a discussion in the comments.

Whether the moon or the stars your dreams are never too far.

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A Hole In The Sky…

I love taking pictures of sunsets, I’m sure many of you remember.

If you’re new, I used to take pictures of the sunset almost every night. I’d share the pictures here on my blog before I changed the name, and on Instagram.

I still love watching and taking pictures of sunsets. But I love star gazing, watching the moon and capturing photos of its beauty as well. However, sunsets are a lot easier to capture especially when using an iPhone than it is to capture a great picture of the moon. I’ve taken some early in the morning where there’s daylight and those turn out a little better. Still not the greatest images but I find beauty in them.

I find beauty in the photos taken at night but I really would like for them to improve. I know an actual camera can help with that but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that. What would be great camera suggestions for sunsets and moon photography? If anyone has any idea I would greatly appreciate it.

If you know of ways to make them better on iPhone I would appreciate that as well!

Both photos were taken of full moons on my iPhone 7. Looks like some kind of hole in the sky lol. What do you think?

Whether the moon or the stars your dreams are never too far.

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SheLivesLove (2nd blog)

Honey Ego? An original poem.

I was your nurse

your personal trainer

your teacher

and with a little added honey

I made you better

I tried to make you sweeter

just for me in the best of ways

not to change

who you were on the inside

I always saw the best in you with my own eyes

But your ego got the best rise

your curiosity did not want to hide

And when they finally wanted you

You wanted them too

This is the finished result of a poem I started a year ago (below)

I couldn’t wait to fix this poem up and finally complete it. I think I made some great improvements. How would you describe what this poem is about? What would you title it?

Check out the video I made to go along with it on youtube.

Whether the moon or the stars your dreams are never too far.

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What would you title this poem?🖤

Last year on December 29th I started a poem. Like most of my poems or song lyrics, I let my thoughts come to me and write them down for later. They usually come in lines so I often come back and add to them.

I was scrolling through my notes when I found the poem.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to finally finish it on the exact day I started it a year later? A year later sounds like quite a while but trust me, when you’re constantly writing this kind of thing can happen often. I’ve never actually done this an exact year later though so I was intrigued by the challenge I gave myself.

So how did this challenge go?

If you’d like to watch my editing and adding to the poem, check out my YouTube channel. You can also listen to me read it there.

Let me know what you think this poem is about and what you would title it.

Whether the moon or the stars your dreams are never too far.

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What Are You Waiting For???

With 2018 coming to an end and 2019 moments from its begin, what are you waiting to begin? Many of us set new goals and resolutions for the new year (that we often don’t keep up with) but why do we feel the need to wait?

Of course, there are some things in life that do better with the correct timing, but how do we even know when the correct timing is? Is there an exact time, month, day, or year we should be waiting for? Or is it just that ready feeling?

When I first started my blog, I wanted to wait until January. That way it would be a fresh start at the beginning of the year. I did just that and I don’t regret it but I still wish I had started sooner.

I started an official YouTube account this summer. I had been contemplating making one honestly since I started my blog but I was hesitant. I didn’t feel like I had the right equipment, I didn’t feel like anyone would find or watch my videos let alone subscribe to my channel. It was just a dream I had. I wanted to make it a reality at “the right time” but eventually I laid that phrase to rest, studied more videos on editing and growing a YouTube channel, put my ideas together on what I wanted to do and just started.

Here’s how that went…

I feel like it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and again, I only wish I had started sooner. There was no reason to worry about equipment, I’ve been using my iPhone 7 and an iPad. There was no reason to worry about if anyone would find or watch my videos because somehow they did. I made sure to genuinely comment on other small channels I like and respond to my own comments. About 6 months later I have almost 400 subscribers. I was amazed to even see the first 100!

My most popular video so far has almost 900 views. I’m learning so much with each new upload. Who knows where I could be if I started a couple of years ago. The numbers aren’t the most important thing but they do show that starting was worth it.

Just as I’ve made friends while blogging, I’ve also made friends on YouTube.

This journey has been beautiful and the support has been extraordinary. I’m prepared to see what 2019 brings.

If one of your goals is starting on YouTube, I’ve uploaded quite a few editing tutorials on my channel to help you start right from your mobile device.

What is one thing you have been waiting to start? Is there a specific reason you are waiting? Is that reason worth holding off on a dream or goal you have?

Whether the moon or the stars your dreams are never too far.

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